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Natalie Beran is a drama graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (New York) and also holds a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Radio, AUT).

Natalie is currently working on the production crew of Shortland Street (2nd A.D. South Pacific Pictures) and has worked as a radio announcer/producer, actress and voice over artist in New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and the USA. She was a finalist in the inaugural SOVAS - Voice Arts Awards (New York) for animation voice demo work and is a recipient of the Shakespeare’s Globe International Actors’ Fellowship (2015).

Natalie is a founding member and company director of the International Actors Ensemble (Comedy of Errors - Mexico, Romeo and Juliet - Korea) a theatre and screen producer with Auckland Summer Shakespeare (As You Like It, The Tempest, A Midsummer Nights Dream), Mercury Jane Productions (Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe) and GBP Productions (SIDES) and has co-produced with Galatea Theatre (Mrs Van Gogh, Sexy Buddha, Speeddaters), co-producer/co-host of Equity’s Actorvator and co-producer for Northern Lights Theatre (Copenhagen). 

Natalie has numerous voiceover commercial credits, is Bella in the animated short film Boris and Bella, and other recent credits include Brassed OffCrimes of the Heart, NZ Detectives and the Z Factor.


Actor Profile

Gender: Female
Age Range: 28 - 38
Height: 160cm
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Green
Ethnicity: New Zealand, East European, Caucasian

Base Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Skills: Actor, Commercial Talent, Corporate, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Prof. Singer, Voice Artist


Short Films



2017    Summer Sonnets at The Pah - International Actors Ensemble - Francesca Savige
2016    Antipholus of Syracuse - Comedy of Errors - International Actors Ensemble - David Meadows
2016    Constable of France (Charles Delabret) - Henry V - ShakeItUp - Grae Burton
2015    Globe International Actors Fellowship 2015 International Actors Fellowship
            Shakespeares Globe London, Raz Shaw/Bill Buckhurst
2014    Vigdis - Women With Swords Dark Mondays, Geoff Allen
2014    Lady Pro Priestess - Pericles Prince of Tyre AUSA Summer Shakespeare, Geoff Allen
2013    Kate Trenor - The Battle of Tai Chi by Gavin James Playwrights Collective Read Raw, James
2013    Katherine Mansfield, Lady Morrel, Mr Gardener The Trial of Lady Chatterly by Anna St. Clair
            Dark Mondays, Jesse Hilford
2013    Captain Angela Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe Mercury Jane Productions, Rob Reese /
            Natalie Beran
2013    Lydia The Blue Balloon Short & Sweet Festival, Jesse Hilford
2013    Waitress The Birthday Short & Sweet Festival, Natalie Beran
2013    Gloria Brassed Off Playhouse Theatre, Peter Mason
2012    Chick Boyle Crimes of the Heart Galatea Theatre, Geoff Allen
2009   Poppit Panto of the Rings Holiday Pantomime Productions, Michael Coleman
2007   Hurt-My-Knee Gangreen Garry Plotter and the Pantomimers Stone Holiday Pantomime
            Productions, Michael Coleman
2005   PSm/Fly Girl Beacuse I Can Greenich Street Theatre, Gary Forman
2005   Capt Angela & Lt Obvious 04-05 Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe Amnesia Wars, Rob
2005   Company Member Grown Ups Playground New York Comedy Club, Joy Newman
1995    Narrator Aotearoa S7
1994    Sarah Nothings Cool 6thFD, Sonia Pope



Short Film

2016    Edith Balloons Votre Arme, Michael Hurst
2014    Alison Arnett The Dinner Party Digital Productions, Anthony Hurst
2014    DJ Charlie Wish You Were Hear Team TAP That, Jared James
2014    Arachne Smith Let Cheating Gods Lie Gullivers Strange Amphetamine, Grae Burton
2013    Muse Lucidity Gullivers Strange Amphetamine, Grae Burton
2012    Bella LeGrossi (Animation Voice-Over) Boris and Bella NatColl, Ian Lopez
1998    Spud Spud A.B.B.A Productions, Natalie Beran, Shaun Anastasi, Dominic Bowden, Veialu Aila-



Web Series

2016    Norah Auckward Love 2 We Three Productions, Emmett Skilton
2014    Jess Jones SIDES GBP Productions, Grae Burton / Natalie Beran
2011     Cindy (Hudson's Girlfriend) NZ Detectives Gibson Group, Dan Henry
2002   Carole Kydd Shortland Street South Pacific Pictures, Various
1998    Undercover Reporter Target Top Shelf Productions, Various
1998    Carya (uncredited) Young Hercules Reneissance Pictures, Sam Raimi



Musical Theatre

2014    Detective Sarah Sanchez This Paper City - Short and Sweet Musical Mercury Jane
            Productions, Natalie Beran
2005   Featured Soloist Make Art and Music, Not War War II Forecast Productions, Christian Fletcher
2004   Featured Solost Broadway at Harlem Meer IV Forecast Productions, Christian Fletcher
2008   Wife Sense Weight Loss 2nd Ave Studios, Vancouver




2012    Brand Facilitator Z Rebrand The Improvisors, Greg Ellis

Performing at the Pop Up Globe

Performing at the Pop Up Globe